Drive-In Events: What To Expect

Now that things are slowly re-opening to the public, the concept of the ‘drive-in’ movie or concert is having a renaissance. People are hopping in their jalopies and boppin’ on down to the local dirt lot to watch films on a large screen like in times of old – but what can be expected at these events? Will there be restrooms? Snacks? Danny Zuko trying to take things further than we’re willing to go?

Drive in music concert
Ecstatic attendees at a drive-in music concert

We did some research to answer these questions so you know what to expect if attending one of these events.

  1. Will there be restrooms?

Every county across the country has different permitting regulations, but in the case of vehicular gatherings, most, if not all, will require some form of port-a-potty to accommodate patrons. Though, for this, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have one of those little travel bottles of hand sanitizer – because even without a pandemic raging on, pot-a-potties are rarely a glamorous and clean experience.


  1. Will I have to wear a mask?

Once again, this does depend on where the event you are attending takes place. It seems to be the general consensus that masks should be worn outside of your cars or whilst walking around (especially if you are walking to the aforementioned port-a-potties), but wearing a mask in your own vehicle is up to the attendees’ discretion. It is also considered ill-advised to gather in groups outside of your vehicle, and this could get yourself or the venue in trouble. Getting yelled at for not wearing a mask is so 2020, so just, you know, wear one.


  1. Will there be snacks?

This is another question that comes down to permitting. For example, a place that may be permitted to host a drive-in event may not necessarily be permitted to sell food. But hey, let’s be real – half of the appeal of going to a drive-in movie is that you can load up your own car with your own snacks and not have to pay $10 for a dixie cup’s worth of popcorn.

Drive-in movie
Drive-in movie


  1. Will there be alcohol?

As a general rule of thumb: alcohol and vehicles do not mesh. Selling alcohol at a drive-in event where guests are expected to drive home at the end of it is NOT a liability most venues would be willing to take on. Even if you have a designated driver and decide to bring your own booze to one of these events, be careful: most states have laws against open containers in your vehicle.

As for passengers smoking weed in your car, we cannot advise this as cannabis-stench would still tip off a sobriety officer immediately, and depending on where you live you can get yourself in some serious hot water.

This just isn’t the way you want your movie night to end.


  1. Should I expect a 2+ hour post-event parking lost clusterjam?

This, of course, depends on the size of the event; but, if you’ve ever tried to leave a parking lot after a concert or sporting event, then adjust your expectations to account for some parking lot shenanigans. Particularly when dealing with a drive-in music festival, there is about a 1000% guarantee that getting out of the parking lot could take a while. Patience, is key. But, hey, if sitting in a parking lot forever trying to get out means I get to experience live music again, then that is a concession I am willing to make.

Drive-in concert
Drive-in concert

Well there you have it, a no nonsense guide of what to expect at a Drive-In event. We would love to hear about your experiences at these types of events, so if you have a story to tell please DM us on Instagram @thefarechild.