Attending Live Events in 2021: Will We See a Summer Concert Season?

May 5, 2021

Attending Live Events in 2021: Will We See a Summer Concert Season?

“All signs point to 2021 getting back to the summer concert season we all know and love,” Bob Ruox, Live Nation’s president of U.S. concerts, tells Rolling Stone. “With vaccines being available to everyone in May, we’re confident events can return to regular capacity soon after.”

Despite the optimism of Live Nation, and the hundreds of thousands of individuals who currently have tickets for summer concerts/music festivals, major concerts during the summer still are not a guarantee. The cause of this being that live music, with its complicated indoor logistics, “cannot be profitable unless the whole system whirls up at once.”

An indoor concert
An indoor concert.

Live Nation and its competitor AEG have stated they are unwilling to resume indoor concerts unless they can operate at close to full capacity. The bottom line being – this will not be the summer for massive concerts, massive events, or global tours. This is not to say, however, that there won’t be any live music. Depending on how well we stick to the vaccination schedule, small to medium-sized outdoor events will still be a thing and we can see large-scale concerts return as soon as fall or early 2022.

Now, what to expect if attending one of these outdoor concerts or events?

  1. Masks are still a thing, and will be, for a good while

Wherever you land in the great ‘mask-debate’, do expect to be rocking one if attending any kind of large social gathering this summer. As more people get vaccinated, we should hope to see mask mandates lifted – but at the same time, lifting mask mandates is not super high on the priority list right now. The ‘better safe than sorry’ approach is still in full effect and what it comes down to is this: wearing masks can’t hurt anybody, but not wearing one could hurt someone. So, it seems like it would be an easy decision….

Concert attendees with face mask.
Concert attendees with face mask on.
  1. Events could require vaccinated-only patrons

This makes complete sense, but still stings a little bit. It is as though we are about to see our society divided by who has been vaccinated and who has not – I mean, I’m already seeing it within my small social circle. All my vaccinated friends are hanging out together and having a good time while I am waiting potentially several months before I can get my hands on one. The fact of the matter is that vaccines are still not widely available, and until they are, staying home is still the safest option.


  1. Big artists will not be touring

Taylor Swift, after postponing her tour several times, finally completely pulled the plug on her summer tour and issued refunds. Big artists who are used to selling out gigantic stadiums across the globe will not find small domestic concerts to be profitable this summer, so will most likely opt out. Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, & Pearl Jam all cancelled their global tours until 2022, and every major music festival, from Glastonbury to Coachella, has also been postponed until at least 2022. The verdict is still out on Burning Man 2021, however, it would seem a little silly to even attempt a socially distanced burn. I mean, there is an ‘orgy tent’, for goodness sakes.


The good news is that if you are a fan of less outrageously famous bands, then you just may be able to see them live this summer. Indie music fans: this is your time to shine.

Live band concert
Live band concert.

The Final Verdict

Knowing this about summer concerts, it is up to each individual to assess risk and decide if attending an outdoor gathering is something you are up for. Only time will tell how this is all going to play out – but the best we can hope for is that everyone gets vaccinated by May so we can all dance together in the streets once more.

As for people who think the vaccine is the government trying to micro-chip you, please take a look at the phone you are holding in your hand and understand this: THAT is your government micro-chip.

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